Chotto Chotto Chotto!!!!!

OMG! Am i reading things properly? Is my brain working properly? Because I think i just read the words "Subaru and Hina as main actors in a DRAMA!" O_____________O ............MAJIDE?!

Oh my days I think this is the most happiest I've been in three days lol 
Let me get this straight.....okay,so

1.) Subaru is gonna be in a drama with Hina as 主演!Woop! Suba hina are my OTP!
2.) I'm happy with how Hina is there to support him coz Suba can always rely and depend on Hina because their bond is stronger than friendship....Hina is almost like a mother to Suba lol 
3.) OMG it's going to be aired on 全国ネット!!  YAY! So, unlike Double etc, where only a limited area could watch Suba's acting.....but this time the whole country can!!!!!!!

But Ocotber is too far awaaaay! I know time flies but I want to see it during the summer! When I'm actually in Japan, so I can watch it on TV!!! Ahhh, well I shudnt be greedy....Suba-chan being in a drama is like a mega miracle, so I'm dead happy :D

woop woop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wish the best for Subaru and Hina :) I really thought I would never see Subaru in a drama again ..... because it looks like the jimusho is pushing  certain people, so I thought nothing major would happen work wise for Suba individually. So I am so so so happy and proud of him :) I hope everything goes well & and becomes a success :D Ganbatte SubaHina!


I'm still alive folks!!

Wow....2 months since I've last posted an entry....this hiatus thing actually worked! o__O

Well, to be completely honest, my kanjani8 craze has gone down abit........I still ADORE them by the way....just not as obessive, I guess. Which is really surprising, because I thought it would never ever change! 

I am still a fan and I still love watching their shows etc,'s hard to explain lol

So, where have I been for the last 2 months? Errrmmm well, BUSY. Very Busy. 

I had to go through alot of family problems, and my mum flew to Japan about 2/3 days ago to look after my sick gran for a few months, so it's just me and my dad at home at the moment.  And it's very very quiet :(

I've also been working working working!!!!! My subjects are art related stuff, so I had to spend alot of time doing courseworks etc (and still am) but I'm enjoying that so it's ok :) I should feel lucky that I dont have to do any of those science/maths  ........*shivers*

And my final exams are starting this week, so I seriously need to revise. OMG I havnt done much, infact, I havnt done any serious revision at all......shit ><

Demo!!!!! I'm going to study as hard as I can. I don't care if my social life goes down for now, because I want to suceed as much as I can. I'm usually a very lazy person, but this time I'm different.

Do you know why I'm working my butt off right now? Because I have something to look forward to in the summer....*grins*

Becauuuuse!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to JAPAN in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOP! *dances* I'm flying on the 1st, and I'll be there until the end of August! WOOOOOOP!
And you know what? I'm going there all by myself, coz usually, I always travel with my mum to Japan, but this time she's already there, so I'm flying by myself! lol (We're coming back together tho)
Ahhh, it's been two long years since I've last ben there.....cannot wait to see all my relatives, friends and my mum :)

Right, I'm off to check out k8 comm/f-list now...I have some catching up to do.


 Edit: OMGOMG it's Yoko's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i totally did not realise! lol haha what a coinsidence! The day I decided to make an entry, it happened to be right on kimi-kuns bday!! 


亮-chan in London?!

I was walking around the streets of London, just minding my own business......until I saw this.....

亮-Ryo- Japanese noodle & sushi bar XD XD XD XD

Unfortunately, I didn't see Ryo-chan anywhere lol

ジャパニーズ麺&寿司バー... 「亮」!!!!!

残念ながら亮ちゃんはいませんでした。 笑


I must be the last eighter on this PLANET to just realise that the PV FOR WAHAHA IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm off to watch it now!! tooodles x





実は今日存在を知りました...はは ;p
いやいやちょっと~日本にこんなアーティストがいたなんてもっと早く教えてよ~! (誰








すばたんの声がまた....最高 ^^

これを聞いてまたすばるの声に惚れ直したな~ ハァ...大好き♪

...BJ......ってね~ 苦笑



まあ、でもすばちゃんの好きな下ネタだからOK 笑 (何が

あっ、明日映画館に行ってJuno観て来るよ~ ひゃっほ~い!楽しみじゃい!
Baru kawayusu

New Layout! WOOO~~~!!!!!!!!!

Yeah so,  I was fed up with the layout I had before, and plus that was not supposed to be permanent, so I CHANGED IT!!!!!!!!! 
I quite like my new layout actually! ^^ There are still some finishing touches to be made, but I'll leave it for now, because I feel so tired after a long long boring day. 

All I want to do now is watch Tv and SLEEEEEEP, but I can't because my mum's friend (I call her auntie ^^) is coming over to stay for a few nights, so I have to tidy up my room, help my mum etc etc etc......... 

O yeah, also I'm thinking about going on hiatus (eventhough I love you guys so much XD) because my AS exams are coming up and my grades are not how I want them to be, so I need to let go of LJ & Kanjani8 for a while (Oh-but-they-are-so-hard-to-resist.)

It's time for Mina to switch to revision mode >_______< .............. yay
I dunno yet, I can see myself popping into LJ before my B-day tho lol And I'm still going to check the k8 comm regulary incase some big news pops up. ^__^

Ba bye xxxxx


Someone's special day today!!!!!!!

 MURAKAMI SHINGO!! (aka Hina-chan ^^) 

HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your tsukommi
I love your oh-so-loud laughter
I love your talented talking
I love how you always take care of Subaru

Thank You for being part of Eito.